The Division screen

Ubisoft has officially announced the dates for their upcoming beta of The Division. Following an accidental slip-up via the Uplay app, we already knew it’d come in January, but we didn’t know when – until now.

Set to land on Xbox One first, players interested in giving The Division a whirl can do so by first pre-ordering the game to secure entry to the beta, once that’s done, you’ll be able to enter the beta on January 28, though if you don’t want to pre-order, you can enter yourself onto the waiting list.

On January 29, PlayStation 4 and PC players will then be able to join the beta which is set to run until January 31.

There’s currently no details as to what’ll be included in the beta, though it’s likely something to do with the game’s Dead Zone mode, a cut-throat multiplayer mode where players can choose to work with or against each other to acquire high-value loot.

Tom Clancy’s The Division launches on March 8.

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