As part of their Four-nification Week, tinyBuild has unveiled another game, this time it’s a familiar one, a sequel to their adorable yet impossibly hard shooter, Lovely Planet.

Lovely Planet may look cute on the outside, but on the inside it’s incredibly tough, there’s a lot of shooting and a lot of jumping, and it’s just… well… insane. So for those of you who’ve been craving more of this torturous gameplay, here’s a sequel, but it’s a little different…

In an homage to classic first-person shooters, Lovely Planet Arcade, as the sequel is titled, won’t let you look up or down! Wait, what? You do remember how jumpy the last game was, right? Well, yeah, that’s the point.

Expect fast paced, well timed, shooty action as you battle and blast your way through four new worlds, unlockable modifiers such as Mirror or Fast Mode, and solve the mystery that is the Arcade.

Check out the game’s announcement trailer above.

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