Disney’s ‘endless’ runner, TRON RUN/r, has been on Steam’s early access for nearly two months now, raking in favourable reviews and praise since it’s announcement at The Game Awards.

On February 16, TRON RUN/r will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One digitally at a $20 price point (it’s currently $10 in early access).


Featuring 32 levels, three modes called DISC, CYCLE, and Stream, Disney is calling it an infinite runner “with a twist.” With customization for characters, cycles, and full leader boards, it’s positioned to offer a bit more than the traditional endless runner – which will be welcome considering the price.

It will also feature music from the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Raney Shockne, and remixes by Darkstar, Bibio, Plaid, and many more.

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