Kasedo Games has announced that it’ll be publishing Random Layer’s upcoming platform puzzler, Upwards, Lonely Robot later this year on Steam.

The game is a puzzle platformer with a “heart-wrenching sci-fi storyline” according to Kasedo, with players discovering the game’s story through short messages left by the robot’s scientist creator as he attempts to fix an experiment gone wrong.

Upwards, Lonely Robot has players taking the role of the titular android who is tasked with ascending a series of towers searching for your creator. Navigate upwards and around each tower unlocking more to the mystery as you progress. But you’ve got to have your wits about you, as there’s quick thinking needed in order not to jump too far and fall down the tower, all while being under pressure by a looming countdown timer.

From the screenshots available Upwards, Lonely Robot looks absolutely adorable, but at the same time incredibly frustrating.

No release date has been revealed, but the game is set to land on Steam soon, hopefully.

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