So, Marc Laidlaw, an author of both Horror and Science Fiction, and writer of the Half-Series has resigned from Valve.

Yup, he has. Not rumor, confirmed. Marc was an employee of Valve for 18 years, a pretty impressive run. He states in his confirmation of his resignation and subsequent ‘wait a second, answer this before you go’ conversations that Half-Life is owned by Valve, and not him. He states that the game was already around when he started there, he was simply the one that gave it a voice, so to speak. Meaning, his departure does not mean that the game is dead.

From the tone of his responses, it doesn’t really sound like there’s bad blood between him and Valve, though he does state that his reasons for leaving are “mostly personal”.

In regards to what he’ll do next, he’s not sure. I can’t see him not having a fair amount of choices in front of him, but he hasn’t stated what he has planned. Considering how many people want to know, I’d bet that at some point he’ll come out and let us know what he’s working on next.

In the mean time, should you want to read his letter in its entirety, you can find it here. And bravo, Mr. Laidlaw, for giving us 18 years of your life and a wonderful game series. We can’t wait to see what you do next.

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