Fallout has always had some amazing mods built by its community, but a mod made by modder GameDuchess is going pretty much up to the top of the list in the book for the best unofficial Fallout 4 mods.

It’s an environmental & texture mod that called Fallout 4 Seasons Project that creates changeable seasons making the wasteland look like it’s going through winter, summer, fall, and spring in game. It makes it look considerably better, and from the video made by YouTube user hodilton, it appears some seasons may even make the game run a tad smoother (on a powerful enough machine, of course).

The best part is, now that holiday celebrations are now confirmed to be in Fallout 4, you can celebrate next Christmas in the snow, Halloween in the spooky fall, and Easter in spring!

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As an added benefit, the winter mode specifically seems to make the game even more scary at certain points – adding to the environment in a huge way.

GameDuchess lays out a bit of ‘how the sausage is made’ on her page as well, “the textures chosen for the Seasons mod were painstakingly hand selected via one by one comparison between the various source mods. Many textures were then also switched around, mixed & matched, recolored, or otherwise tweaked to better suit the season they are in. The result is a complete overhaul for each season with the attempt to make each one distinct and appropriate to a world in which nature has triumphed over the wasteland.”

Check out the video above for a tour of the mod, and you can go here to download the mod off of the Nexus Mods website.

Although there is no official support for Fallout 4 mods, PCGames N has compiled a list of awesome mods that are currently out in the wilds of the internet.

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