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Firaxis Games has revealed that they’ve invited the developers of XCOM: Enemy Unknown‘s most popular mod, The Long War, to work on mods for XCOM 2.

Details are unfortunately pretty thin right now, but Firaxis has revealed that the mod team will be working on “multiple mods” that’ll be shipped with the game when it launches on PC next month.

“It’s unbelievable what they did,” said XCOM lead producer Garth DeAngelis to IGN. “The Long War was my go-to recommendation when our hardcore fans would come up to us at shows and would say, ‘I beat Impossible Iron Man three times. I want more.’ There’s absolutely an awesome challenge there for you.”

For those who don’t know, The Long War is a mod for the original XCOM game which made it much, much harder than it was intended to be. So chances are in XCOM 2, there’s going to be some sort of hardcore or brutal difficulty mode.

Firaxis hasn’t been shy about mod development on XCOM 2 and are set to embrace those that come.

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