A bug has emerged for iOS devices, which causes them to brick without any software fix.

The word came out through a Reddit post where users noticed unresponsive devices. Normally with serious bugs such as this, it takes a series of calculated button presses to activate them but not on this occasion. All the user has to do is set the date to January 1 1970, reboot their device and then nothing. The device will be stuck on the Apple logo and won’t do anything.

A possible reason for the bug to happen is that once the clock gets set before zero, the device can not handle it and therefore just breaks down. This only occurs though on 64-bit devices running iOS 8 or iOS 9, i.e. iPhone 5s and upwards.

Restoring in iTunes doesn’t help and at the moment, there is no fix for it. Even if you’re tech-savvy enough to put it in DFU mode and then restore in iTunes, it’ll still stay locked on the Apple boot logo.

Although this bug does leave your device completely unusable, some people have had success in recovering it. A user on the Reddit post said that they left the phone for five hours and then it came back on but it was incredibly laggy. Another user said changing the SIM card on theirs also did the trick.

At the moment, the only thing to do if your device doesn’t turn back on is to visit the Genius Bar at an Apple Store or to contact Apple Support.

We do not recommend you try this. If you want to see what exactly happens if you do, see the video below from YouTuber, Zach Straley:

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This of course isn’t the first curious bug we’ve seen from iOS devices in recent times. Not too long ago, an iMessage was doing the rounds which caused the phone to crash and reboot. In addition last month, there was a website going around which crashed Safari every time you clicked on it.

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