Rage Squid has announced that this March, everyone’s favourite beer-bellied toy, Action Henk, is set to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, complete with a brand new local multiplayer race mode.

This high-speed platformer set in a toybox world has a colourful cast of classic action figure-inspired characters compete to see who’s the fastest toy in the toybox. Already available on Steam with a raft of glowing reviews, the game has been hailed as a cross between Sonic, Toy Story, and Trials, as players run, jump and… butt slide, across various environments from bedrooms to discos.

The Xbox One version is set to launch on March 4, with the PlayStation 4 version due for launch in “early March”, and will offer most of the content found on the PC version of the game, including 70 courses across 10 different worlds, boss challenges and bonus stages, as well as local and online leaderboards.

Of course, the biggest deal is the launch of local multiplayer when it comes to consoles, allowing you and your friends to butt-slide on the couch in an ultimate race to see who’s the baddest toy around.

Check out the new trailer above highlighting the local multiplayer mode.

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