Action Henk launched on Steam a little under a year ago now bringing fast-paced butt-sliding mayhem to PC players across the globe. It has some pretty fantastic reviews so when we were offered the chance to preview the game on Xbox One, we snapped it right up.

Action Henk is a bit of an odd one to describe. You play as a series of action figures such as Action Henk, a pot-bellied anit-hero, as well as a colourful cast of other action figures which are as equally bizarre. The game itself is also a mixed bag, as it takes the role of a side-scrolling racer, having you go as fast as you can around a series of tracks made from different object such as skateboards or Hot Wheels tracks.

At its core, it’s a time centric leaderboard-based game where your only real goal is to complete each sprint as fast as you can. In our preview, we obviously couldn’t check out any of the game’s leaderboards, but we could race against the game’s pre-defined ghost runs as well as locally with each other, and I’ll tell you something, even without other players’ scores, it was a blast. The fun thing here is that you’re not running, you’re sliding on your butt, using the slopes to your advantage.

Probably the most fun is had with the game’s local multiplayer, something which I believe is a new addition to the console version of the game. This allows you and up to three other players to duke it out in real time across each level, and if you’re not quick enough, it’s game over and your character effectively explodes off-screen. This brought out the competitiveness in both myself and my wife, and we spent a good number of hours playing the games first area of tracks before realising more could be unlocked in the game’s single player.

The single player mode was equally as fun though as we could not only challenge ourselves to beat the ghost run’s score, but also pass the controller between each other to see who could get the highest score overall. There were times where we were breezing past some levels, and others seemed like the most impossible things in the world. It was frustrating, but at the same time pretty funny watching each of us fail at the most simplest spots.

Although there’s still a few hiccups here and there, as well as the game’s leaderboard and cloud syncing functionality still needing to be added to the game, the game is a butt-load of fun and I’m certainly looking forward to the challenge of beating other players’ scores.

Action Henk is set to arrive on Xbox One on March 4 and PlayStation 4 sometime in March.

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