I’ve been saying for some time that the shooter genre has become too obsessed with modern warfare, and as of late, futuristic warfare. Gone are the days of proper authentic World War II shooters. Fortunately one Kickstarter campaign gives me hope. It’s called Battalion 1944, from Derby-based developers Bulkhead Interactive, and hopes to reignite the WWII shooter.

While the big guns look to the future for their next big shooter, Bulkhead Interactive want to revive the classic Call of Duty mold, Remember Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 3? Yeah, those games, mix that with realistic-arcade shooting, and boom, you’ve got Battalion 1944. Primarily a multiplayer shooter, the developer is currently looking for £100,000 to get the game’s own competitive structure ready to go at launch, which will first land in Early Access.

In addition to a PC release, the developers also hope to have the game launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, though chances are these versions will come a little while after the proposed May, 2017 Early Access release. The Kickstarter page has a huge list of information about the game. The developers have really done their research here in terms of what could make a really great and authentic WWII first person shooter.

If you’ve also been looking for a proper WWII shooter complete with the latest gen graphics and tech, you can help make that happen over on the Battalion 1944 Kickstarter page, where you can pledge £13 which will bag you the Early Access version of the game, when it hopefully launches in May, 2017.


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