After airing its final show last night, BBC Three, the home of American Dad reruns as well as shows such as Russel Howard’s Good News, Don’t Tell the Bride, Family Guy, and much more, has come to a close and will finally be moving online.

The BBC announced the news around two years ago and has since been preparing to move the channel and its shows online in an effort to cut costs as well as to appeal to the channel’s younger demographic. Initially there was some public opposition to the move, but the BBC Trust formally approved the transition late last year, and as of the early hours of this morning, the transition concluded.

The channel will remain broadcasting for some time, but only to promote BBC Three’s new online-only identity. It’ll then be fully removed from your TV in a few weeks.

In addition to the agreement to move, the transition did come with a number of reassuring conditions, one of which is “to ensure younger audiences continue to be well served.” Something which I think fans of the channel will be pleased with. In addition to all of the channel’s content being added to the BBC iPlayer, BBC Three has also launched a new YouTube channel and social network which will hope to be integral to the channel’s online-only rebirth.

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Interestingly, the BBC has already demonstrated its commitment to the channel’s online rebirth with various commisions already being announced, including a brand new series of Cuckoo which is set to begin online this evening.

There’s also a new online portal called The Daily Drop which highlights content on social media, blog posts, news, and short-form videos. There’s also a new platform incoming called The Best Of which will primarily feature documentaries, dramas, and comedies, such as the aforementioned Cuckoo.

We’re definitely interested to see how this works out for the BBC, as it already faces some pretty intense competition from the likes of Netflix and Amazon.

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