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Some of you may remember back in 2013 when Canonical announced the Ubuntu mobile OS. Aside from being an Ubuntu-powered OS made specifically for mobile, it also hoped to reinvent the way we used our devices with a new Convergence feature which would essentially turn your smartphone or tablet into a full Ubuntu Desktop. Unfortunately since then we’ve heard little about this feature actually coming to the consumer. Then, Canonical announced the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition, the first Ubuntu-powered Tablet with Convergence features.

Canonical has today announced their new Ubuntu tablet, the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition from BQ. The tablet itself is a 10.1 inch tablet powered by a MediaTek Quad Core MT8163A processor up to 1.5GHz. It’ll sport 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory, with microSD support, a 7280mAh Li-Po battery, micro HDMI support, and much more. In terms of a tablet, it’s a pretty solid device. It’s not quite breaking any moulds in terms of hardware, but the software is definitely worth taking note of.

You see, the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition doesn’t just run Ubuntu’s latest mobile software, it also boasts Ubuntu’s Convergence feature that’ll not only have the device be a fully-fledged tablet with the same gesture-based features we’re already familiar with, it’ll also be able to turn into a fully fledged desktop computer running the latest Ubuntu OS. It’s the perfect work and play device.

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Jane Silber, Canonical CEO said:

We’re bringing you everything you’ve come to expect from your Ubuntu PC, now on the tablet with BQ, soon on smartphones. This isn’t a phone interface stretched to desktop size – it’s the right user experience and interaction model for the given situation. Also, in terms of applications, we have something no other OS can provide: a single, visual framework and set of tools for applications to run on any type of Ubuntu smart device.

In tablet mode, users will be able to make the most of Scopes, a quick way to access media, apps, and more, just by simply swiping across the screen. It’s not only a fantastic way to consume media, it’s obviously more portable than a laptop too. However, when you want more from your tablet, such as using apps like GIMP and other more desktop oriented software, you usually either have to switch devices or load up the old PC. With the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition, all you need to do is pair a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse, and boom, you’ve got a full Ubuntu OS experience.

You can then further this experience by having the tablet connect to a monitor or television to become a much larger-scale PC experience as you would with an Ubuntu-based computer.

In terms of pricing and availability, the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet will be on sale from Q2 2016 via BQ’s online store. No pricing has yet been revealed.

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