The Real American Heroes are testing their might against the classic Capcom franchise. Who will win? Street Fighter or G.I Joe? Which ninja is better and which military man is tougher? Let’s find out.

To get a good primer on this new crossover series between IDW and Udon, do a quick YouTube search and check out G.I Joe and Street Fighter action figure adverts. Done? Okay, now that you’ve done that you’ll totally understand this new mini-series.

This first issue, and what seems to have been promised for the whole series, feels like the tournament mode in a fighting game. All of the characters feel like they’ve been randomly selected. This is my first disappointment with this series, and from it’s handy tournament map at the end of the issue, you won’t be seeing most of the franchises main characters too, which is a shame. So, if you wanted to see Duke vs. Ryu or Scarlet against Chun-Li. Sorry, no such luck.

Those with a passion for either franchise can be satisfied by the match reports at the end of the book that explain why characters like Ken or Firefly didn’t make it, so there’s that, I guess.

Aside from this, we have a little bit of story to keep us going, with M Bison teaming up with G.I Joe’s bad guy Destro to host the World Warrior tournament, with the hopes to harness the energy of fighting to power a super weapon.

The issue consists of the various tournament matches that take place and throughout these matches you’ll feel like you’re actually experiencing them like in a video game, mostly because of the video game-inspired artwork which is full of small references that Street Fighter fans will get. The following thoughts will likely cross your mind, however:

“Yeah, this character is the bomb just like he/she is in the various cartoons/comics or games there in!”

“I can’t believe I lost to that guy, how can such an annoying and ridiculous character be so hard to beat?”

“Well playing as this character was a total letdown!”

“Wow, I never thought this character would be any good, it just took down that guy!”

It’s not full of story, it’s simple and to the point. It’s full of punching and kicking and, at least one character everyone will like. As a continuing series however, I’m not sure what the future holds, but I’ll wait until the next issue to judge.

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