Data Cocktail

Every time I tweet, I usually just assume it’s a meaningless string of connected letters that are vaulted out into the infinite ether that is the Internet – and that’s usually true, until now.

A art project called the Data Cocktail has been recently re-discovered by the tech community, and it’s swirled together with tech and social networking to create a “tangible representation of data through other senses than sight,” according to it’s constructors.

It was originally designed to help visualize political interests of Twitter users during the recent elections in France, but has now been adjusted to use data from the last five tweets of random Twitter users. In the past, it’s used certain hashtags or trigger words like ‘santa’ to find tweets that will make a cocktail.

Data Cocktail 2

Certain words or phrases trigger certain colors and mixes of liquid to drip into a glass, thereby creating completely custom drink mixes based off of random data sets. If you want get a general idea how it all works, you can head here, and even get access to the source code here.

The design was originally put together by Clément Gault of new design company Koi Koi Design for a workshop organized by French companies in 2014.

It will even send a thank you tweet, and print a recipe for users if the drink is up to snuff.

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