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Drones, specifically photography drones like the DJI Phantom, don’t come cheap. At around £500 minimum you’re trusting yourself to be able to ensure everything is not only set up correctly, but you have the skills to ensure you don’t crash. However, crashes are inevitable, and that’s why DJI have launched a new care program to offer repairs to clumsy users.

Accidents are pretty common, according to DJI, so common that they’ve decided to launch DJI Care, a new repair service which allows you to feel a little less like the world is about to end when your £500 drone smashes into the ground.

The service will offer two plans, one for six months, another for twelve, and are available to both old (drones which are activated in 48 hours or less) and new DJI pilots. Right now, it only covers the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 ranges. Prices start from $99 and will cover you from damage up to $3,099 depending on which drone you own.

The service looks to still be launching as you can’t yet purchase a plan on the website, but according to DJI, when it does launch, it’ll be available to drone owners in the US, parts of Europe, and Mainland China.US plans

For those who use their DJI drone more than just a casual outing will most likely be pleased to hear the news as drone repairs can be costly, especially if one has accidentally fallen into water.


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