Think about it, you can’t really base a whole genre around adaptations, as that would just get boring. Plus, what do you do when you don’t have the rights to create an adaptation and you can’t draw and make a comic book? Make your own, of course.

Sony, strap yourself in because I’ve got another cracking idea!

As you know, Sony owns the rights to Spider-man, but after a disastrous crash course with films, Marvel have stepped in and have taken shared custody of the web-slinger, meaning that we may be waiting a little while for another Spider-man flick.

The last thing I recall, is that Sony’s movie division is in a bit of financial trouble and explains why they’re desperately holding onto the Spider-man rights since it (was) a guaranteed cash cow.

The general blockbuster scene is adaptations, a safe box office success, well that’s the theory with a serious global cash flow problem. Also, these reboots and adaptations is about selling a well-known property to the emerging Asian markets. A few examples of this would be Pacific Rim, why Storm Shadow had a bigger role in the second G.I Joe movie, and that scene in Korea in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

From what I’ve heard, Marvel is huge in Japan. It’s always kind of strange when you think about why Doctor Who isn’t bigger in Japan, they have a deep love of all of high concept costumes and special effects and so on.

So my idea is this: Sony, create your own superhero darn it. I mean this will be the point we’ll get to eventually, with every decent comic book being snatched up by one studio or another. But one day a filmmaker won’t score the rights they want (like Sam Rami who didn’t get the rights to Batman so made Darkman) and they’ll have to make their own up.

I mean look at what happened to the space opera genre when George Lucas didn’t get the rights to Flash Gordon… It was Star Wars, by the way.

It just seems strange that it doesn’t happen more often, surely there’s a ticked off film maker who didn’t get the rights to the Teen Titans and really want to make that movie somehow. Let’s face it, this will be a design by committee movie, what would that be like?

Well, we’ll talk about that next week.

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