Campo Santo’s first game Firewatch just recently launched on February 9th on PC and PS4, and players are already reportedly finding some game-breaking issues in the game, particularly in the frame rate department.

Sean Vanaman, one of the designers on Firewatch and and co-founder of Campo Santo has addressed some of those concerns on Reddit, stating “we’re currently talking with both Sony and Unity (the creators of the engine the game is built in) to continue to optimize performance of the game on console. Unfortunately, it’s a process that requires all three parties to be involved unlike a typical bug that we can quickly fix on our own (we’re pretty good at that).”

Firewatch is made on the Unity5 engine, one that has seen very sparse use on consoles so far, so in Sean’s words, “everyone is learning a lot!”

It’s been questioned whether or not this was something the team at Campo Santo should’ve caught, but it seems that all the testing during development indicated that the game was in a much better state than many players are experiencing. Sean would go on to say, “I want to unequivocally say it wasn’t like we sat in a room, saw this stuff and went ‘eh, screw it, sell it anyway.’ We’re super fucking bummed that this is happening for some people and we’re working actually, literally, around-the-clock on it.”

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