Earth-2 in The Flash

Ever since we got the earliest of glimpses into this other world at the start of the season, we all started asking: so when are we going in? The Flash dives deep into doppelganger madness by bringing a majority of the cast into a wholly new setting, in what is clearly meant to be a two-parter episode. There’s a whole lot going on here, but how well does it get across from the script to the screen?

The visual differences between Earth’s 1 and 2 are dramatic, and it does an amazing job of showing the viewer that this is more than just a slightly altered version of the other world, as opposed to telling them. The warm colors and tinges are evocative of the Golden Age, which is fitting as the universe plays the home of Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash. The periodic transitions throughout the episode between Earths were rather easy to spot due to this shift in visual, though that’s not to say they were done in the best way. With how much was happening in Earth-2, it felt like a waste of time to cut back and forth to Caitlin and Jay’s efforts to combat Geomancer. It made for a decent showdown with Jay having (temporarily) recovered his speed with some cool effects on display, but the plotline seemed to disappear shortly afterward. Yeah, it will be picked up on next week, but it feels like we could have gotten more Earth-2 here and saved the Geomancer stuff for next week.

Despite having traveled through time several times, meeting various doppelgangers, and lying to the people he cares about the most for two years, you’d think Barry would be just a BIT more sly as well. His constant bewilderment at every sight and spectacle in his new surroundings went a little too far. She says she’s your wife and wants to make out? Sure, go for it. Somewhat reminds me of that shapeshifter from last season’s episode, who did a far better job at pretending to be Barry Allen than Barry Allen. Naturally these were due to some pretty drastic differences. The girl he loved for so long and was destined to be with, he IS with in this Earth. His loving, endearing father figure pretty much hates his guts here (or, well, did. RIP.)

Killer Frost and Deathbolt in The Flash
Pretty much their Earth-1 counterparts; but in their goth phase.

The duo of Killer Frost and Deathstorm was nice to see, if a bit overly comical. With how paranoid Earth-2 is about Zoom, and metahumans in general, it seems bizarre that the dastardly duo can stroll right in and cause chaos. Having Caitlin stay in Earth-1 with Jay was fitting for her character considering their bond, though her reaction from seeing Killer Frost would have been a treat. Perhaps too much though, considering Cisco’s encounter with the menacing Reverb. With his continued insistence on wanting to see his doppelganger, it seemed inevitable that we would. That he didn’t pull up on any records all but confirmed that he was rogue. Seeing how alternate universe Cisco was pulled into Zoom’s influence and the connection between them paralleled Cisco’s own connection to the Reverse-Flash in Earth-1. Top it off with a familiar send-off, super-sonic hand through the heart, just to make sure that the connection stuck.

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