Frozenbyte, the developer behind games such as Shadowgrounds and the Trine series have come up with a rather interesting way to encourage players to try their new game Shadwen.

Shadwen is a stealth action adventure game that is set to release on GOG, Humble Store and Steam in the coming months but to help drive awareness Frozenbyte have released a demo. Now a demo alone will not ensure a successful release of course but in the case of Shadwen playing the demo will make the game cheaper on launch.

As players play the demo, which is available on PC, Mac and Linux, they will help to grow the total score for the community. This value, which is is limited to 99,999,999,999 should it grow that much, will then be used to work at a discount for the games final price when it releases. To get a feel for the game and to learn a bit more about this demo event check out the below video.

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One thing is for sure with the Shadwen demo, Frozenbyte have come up with a rather smart way to encourage players. Even if you don’t enjoy the demo, your play through will help those who are interested in buying the game on release so it’s a community effort here. Nonetheless, it would also be a good chance to get some player feedback to Frozenbyte.

The Shadwen demo is available on PC, Mac and Linux from Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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