Although LG isn’t set to unveil the LG G5 until Sunday, February 21, the company has today announced some more details about the device ahead of time. This time it’s the partnership with Bang & Olufsen to bring B&O Play audio to the G5.

Yesterday we wrote about the rumour that with the LG supposedly offering a “magic slot” for different modules, a B&O Play module would be coming to the device offering DAC audio to its users. However, despite announcing the partnership, LG didn’t reveal any details on whether DAC would be coming to the LG G5.

B&O Play, an arm of Bang & Olufsen, has been working with LG to bring high-fidelity audio that’s suitable for a flagship smartphone. As listening to music out loud is becoming an increasingly popular feature, LG looks as if they want to offer the best experience out there and says it will be the first company to offer “powerful Hi-Fi audio features co-designed by B&O Play”.

Unfortunately, the announcement offers little in the way of details. Will this B&O Play technology be included within the LG G5, or as per previous rumours, will it come via an external module with DAC? DAC or Digital or Analogue is a method of turning digital audio into a much higher quality for a better listening experience, it’s a feature which would make sense, as mobile DAC units are available, but not as a more standardised experience within a smartphone.

Unfortunately all of this other than the B&O Play confirmation is all speculative right now and we’ll have to wait until this Sunday to find out more.

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