R Mika

Street Fighter V has only been out for a day and people have already managed to mod the game to reverse a controversial change to one R. Mika’s moves. The original version of her Super from the game’s early Beta (in which she teams up with her wrestling partner Nadeshiko to finish off her opponent) she would be shown slapping her rear-end and taunting her rival.

This was changed in later builds of the Beta and now the final release of the game where the camera angle at the start of her attack obscures the gesture. This change also happened alongside another camera angle alteration for the fighter Cammy, in which the camera was moved up to reduce the amount of her lower body shown. This change has lead many in the gaming community to claim that the game had been “Censored” either as Capcom were to trying to get a lower ESRB rating or due to potential social pressures.

Earlier today however user CENAWINSLOL of the /r/KAPPA subreddit uploaded a simple mod to restore the original camera animations from the Beta. Capcom’s stance on modding of Street Fighter V is unknown, so the chances of getting banned from online are a mystery at this point.

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