Tom Clancy’s The Division™ Beta
Winter truly is coming

Tom Clancy’s The Division beta opened up a few days ago, and Ubisoft is already putting new data into their upcoming title based off of feedback. Here’s a list of some of the improvements and differences coming to the next open beta:

  • New mission – Subway Morgue
  • New faction – The Cleaners
  • New unlockable skill – Deployable Turret
  • Updates and additions to cheat detection and protection
  • New high end weapons in the Dark Zone
  • NPC enemies in the Dark Zone greatly increased
  • NPC enemies in the Dark Zone buffed slightly
  • Numerous player exploits in Dark Zone nerfed

It seems like a lot of attention was paid to the PvP arena called the Dark Zone, balancing it out, but also making it more rewarding to traverse. Mentioned in the PS4 patch notes as well were various tools to help players better distinguish between friend and foe in the Dark Zone, as well as make problem players more easily identifiable, and therefore avoidable.

In my time in the first round of the beta, there were plenty of times players found entrenched positions and picked players off, then camped out and ruined anyone coming close enough to attempt a re-capturing of lost loot. It was also fairly repetitive and sparse when it came to NPC’s. However, it’s obviously just a beta so i’m not putting too much stock in it as a complete title yet, but it was concerning.

The Division’s next open beta will take place starting February 18th for Xbox owners, and February 19th for PS4 and PC players. It will last until February 21st. It can be pre-loaded on February 16th. The full title releases on all platforms March 8th.

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