For the past month or so, OSSIC have been teasing their upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the OSSIC X headphones, the first headphones to offer 3D Audio which is calibrated specifically to its user, and as an audiophile, I’m absolutely pumped.

OSSIC X is the world’s first 3D audio headphone which tailor-makes its sound specifically to the listener, automatically. With a number of sensors in the headphones, it’ll be able to sense the auditory space and accounstically recreate the way you hear the world on a daily basis, all in an effort to bring accurate 3D sound to your ears.

The headphones do a number of things other than offering 3D audio, however, as they include sensors to improve the overall sound. There’s HRTF Anatomy Calaboration which calibrates to your head and torso without the need of a lab. This allows for a higher-level of sound quality and immersion. There’s also Integrated Head Tracking which makes the sound appear like it’s being heard outside of your head and stays fixed in space. Finally, the headphones offer a Multi-Driver Array with eight individual drivers which play back the audio to the right parts of your ear, just as you’d hear sound out in the real world.


And while this sounds like probably the best way to listen to music, it’s also perfect for Virtual Reality gaming too, as sound is projected in a way that’ll feel like you’re naturally hearing the sound, rather than having a chunky headset blasting audio into your ear. For gaming, the OSSIC X can improve sound localisation, offer an increased sense of presence, and accurately render sound in an x,y,z coordinate in space. All things needed to create a truly immersive VR experience.

The OSSIC X headphones connect to either a smartphone or MP3 player via 3.5mm connector, which will offer both 3D Stereo and Stereo playback, but connecting the headphones using USB will offer much more with Stereo, Surround, Object, and Ambisonic capabilities. Unfortunately they’re not wireless, though they are battery powered with 10-hour playback.

If you’re looking for the next level of audio listening, then the OSSIC X are the headphones for you. Initially OSSIC were looking for $100,000 to make these headphones a reality, but they smashed that goal in just two hours. You can pick up your own headset from $199, though this is an early bird offer, so you better hurry. With a launch expected in January 2017 you will be waiting for a little while, but it definitely looks worth it.

The OSSIC X headphones are expected to retail for $399.

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