After Io-Interactive announced the change that would make their upcoming assassination sim, Hitman, an episodic affair, they had to temporarily close pre-orders for the game. Now however, after they’ve sorted out logistics, pre-orders are open once again, and there’s a new trailer to boot.

Players will now be able to pre-order the Hitman ‘Intro Pack’ or ‘Full Experience’, giving them guaranteed access into the upcoming beta which is set to begin first on PlayStation 4 on February 12 through February 14, and then on PC starting February 19 through February 21.

In addition, a new trailer has also been released titled, World of Assassination, which reminds us exactly what Agent 47 has been through already, as well as what he has ahead of him in the upcoming game.

For those pre-ordering, in addition to the guaranteed beta access, players will also grab the classic “Requiem” pack which includes exclusive in-game items inspired by the first Hitman game, Hitman: Blood Money, including the Requiem Legacy white suit, Blood Money shirt, tie and gloves, silenced ICA-19 chrome and white rubber duck explosive.

Of course, PlayStation players will still receive the exclusive bonus contracts, The Sarajevo Six, which will be released with each location as Io-Interactive releases them.

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