I’ve been play Rainbow Six Siege religiously since it’s release late last year, it’s one of the most innovative first person games we’ve seen in a while. The destructibility, the no respawns in a round, the long moments of tension building up to the fast high octane gun fights, it’s a great game and I hope it survives throughout the year.

Ubisofts DLC plan has content released periodically throughout the year, and all for free too. Season Pass owners will get the new operators for free and a week early, while the rest can purchase them for 25000 Renown. This is the first content update for Rainbow Six Siege and its main additions are two new operators and a new map.

The operators are from the Canadian JTF-2 counter-terrorist unit and are named Buck and Frost.

Frost is the defensive operator, her ability being a placeable bear trap called a ‘Welcome Mat’ which will instantly down an enemy if they step on it. She gets three of these and I found them to fairly useful. Her bear traps are best used below windows where an attacker will vault in and not look below them, or behind a deployable shield in a choke point. I’ve been caught out multiple times by not checking where I’m standing and then proceeding to bleed out on the floor due to my carelessness. Unlike Kapkan’s traps, these can be placed anywhere and are sometimes difficult to see if obscured or covered in debris.



Her weapons are also rather cool, her Super 90 shotgun is arguably one of the most powerful in the game, with surprisingly good range on it too. As someone who uses shotguns regularly, I find myself using her a lot purely for the shotgun. Her 9mm_C1 SMG is another interesting weapon, it’s quite powerful with a slightly slower fire rate than the other SMGs in the game. Her MK1_9mm pistol is fairly standard however and nothing out of the ordinary. She has the choice between the Deployable Shield and the Nitro Cell, and I find myself choosing the shield over the nitro with her, purely because of the tactical advantage placing a bear trap behind one gives me.

Buck is the attacking operator, his ability is an under-barrel shotgun under either one of his two assault rifle choices. I personally find this ability to be slightly disappointing and somewhat mundane. The shotgun isn’t all the powerful and in a match I didn’t find myself needing to use it all that often. His main weapon is either the C8_SFW, in which I found the recoil too high for my taste, and the CAMRS, which is a semi-automatic rifle and my favourite of the two. Using the CAMRS with an ACOG scope makes it a fairly powerful long range weapon and I felt this is the best combination to use Buck efficiently. His pistol is the same as Frost’s and like aforementioned, nothing special. His two gadgets are the Stun Grenade and Breach Charge, and I find the stun grenade to be the better option in my opinion, due to him being able to use his shotgun to make holes in walls and barricades if need be.


The map is my favourite part of this update, a frozen yacht that has collided with an iceberg which opens up a new 4 floors each with great rooms for tactical play. I really like the long corridors and the amount of soft wooden walls that are scattered around. The yacht is long but because of the 4 floors you can hear people moving around above and below and due to the games great sound design, it really feels outstanding to play on. Small touches like deployables becoming frozen after you place them is cool too.

But this update isn’t without its share of problems too, various bugs and exploits arrived with it. Most notably, the invisible Kapkan trap glitch which allows him to place his booby traps with invisible trip wires, meaning they are next to impossible to spot apart from the hook through the door/window frame. People are spawning with their characters viewed as ghostly silhouettes, making it very difficult to kill them as their hit-boxes are vastly different from how they are seen. The usual matchmaking and hit detection complaints are plentiful too. Overall though, the team at Ubisoft have done a great job of addressing issues so far and I look forward to seeing how Rainbow Six Siege improves over this year.

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