If you follow Street Fighter, chances are you’ve heard the name Daigo Umehara. He’s been named one of the greatest eSports stars in history, with his work in Street Fighter noted for being some of the best in fighting games. He’s been active and pretty much unrivaled since the late 90’s.

But he may have met his match in rapper Lupe Fiasco.

Fiasco is known for being a gamer, but no one thought he’d be able to take on the likes of Umehara, so it was a shock to hear that the two would be going head to head at the Street Fighter V launch event on the 15th. The world watched via Twitch as the two duked it out, ultimately ending in Fiasco winning 3-2.

Fiasco’s win has raised many questions, with a majority of people wondering how Fiasco could have won against one of the best Street Fighter players in history. Theories include that Umehara didn’t know it was a best of 5 match, but rather a best of 3, or that Umehara was out of his element because he was playing Street Fighter V, a version of the game he was unfamiliar with. One popular opinion is that the match was predetermined, with officials using the opportunity to gather the most publicity for the game

Either way, legit or staged, I had a blast watching. You can check out the clip above for the full match.

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