Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe, are a number of crowdfunding services with the sole purpose to raise money for your ideas or your personal goals. But what about if you wanted help creating a personal biography to celebrate someone you loved? Unfortunately all the money in the world wouldn’t helo you with that one, fortunately, a new crowdfunding service, StoryStarter, hopes to do just that.

StoryStarter forgets about cash-driven campaigns and looks at the people behind them. It’s a unique, social group-gifting platform which brings family and friends together to contribute stories, experiences, photos and more towards a professionally written biography for a loved one.

The website launched earlier this month and hopes to provide a simple, loving way to capture someone’s life story. Prices start at £800, and acts as a perfect way to celebrate someone’s life, whether they’re a loved one, or a really close friend. The idea is simple, friends and family will come together to share stories, pictures, and memories, as well as help raise funds for the StoryStarter, then once they’re all gathered together, the recipient is given a package with all of these memories, then they’re matched up with a ghost writer to suit their personality to write their own personal memoir.

There are a number of packages available all based around Story Terrace’s book packages and writers, from smaller books starting at £800, to a full novella priced at £4,000.

You can check out more details over on StoryStarter’s website and find out more about each package, and the writers available to ghost-write your story.

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