A few months back, I covered a creation by a custom jewelry maker called Takayas Custom Jewelry.  At that time, the creation that was blowing my mind was a set of light saber rings. Star Wars and pretty things, how could it be more perfect, right? You can check out the awesome here, in case you missed it.

Well, ladies and gents with geeky ladies, they’ve done it again. We were introduced to their newest creation and asked if we’d be interested in covering it. Once I stopped flailing about in fangirly wonder, I said OMG YES!

The new set is a Final Fantasy XIV set. It was actually designed at the request of a couple that was planning to marry, and had bonded early in their relationship over Final Fantasy XIV. I personally already think this is incredibly cute, but I’m a dork. Anyway…

The couple seemed to have a good idea of what they wanted, requesting that the rings be Sultana and Paladin in design. For those not quite familiar with the titles: Sultana is a royal title (sounds like Sultan, right). In this particular incarnation of FF, Nanamo Ul Namo of Ul’dah. A Paladin is actually personal guard for the royal family of Ul’dah. So, it seems fitting (and sweet) that these are what they chose to have the rings modeled after.

Okay, I’m going to try and be relatively brief about these.

The Sultana ring is based off of the designs of her dress and the fact that she wears a lot of soft pinks. They took this into consideration when designing the ring’s setting and when choosing the gem for the center.

The Paladin is based off of the Paladin class that the husband-to-be played as. The sword that the Paladin carries influenced the design on the setting, and the deep blue of the stone was influenced by the character’s chosen armor.

Now, talk about attention to detail: Both rings feature one more special customization under the gem settings. Get this: Matching Ul’dah symbols. I know!


There is more about the couple that commissioned the rings and their story, as well as a photo from their wedding (awww!!) on the site’s blog post about the rings if you want to read about it. It’s in Japanese, but they have translated it for those of us whose Japanese is limited to “Sugoi!”, “Yokatta” and “Moshi Moshi”.

I swear, the more I see about the work that they do, the more than I love Takayas Custom Jewelry. Take a look at their blog and their wares, I bet you’ll find something to fall in love with.

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