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Thanks to the incredibly closed nature of console games, what you see is what you get. It also takes a special kind of someone to be able to exploit console games. On PC it’s a completely different story, as reports are coming in showing how much of a mess the PC beta for The Division has become.

Aside from the usual problems you’d expect from a beta, the PC version of The Division is a mess, but not because of poor coding and optimisation, but because players have quickly discovered ways to hack the game, whether it be to gain infinite ammo, speed hacks, wall hacks, and more. Usually in a single player only game, this isn’t that much of an issue, in a heavily multiplayer focused game however, this is a massive issue, which according to the various comments on the game’s subreddit, is causing people to cancel pre-orders unless Ubisoft sorts it out.

The main issue seems to be the fact that all of these exploits can be done client-side without any anti-cheat or syncing preventing this information being relayed to the server, meaning a player has to just change a bit of code in the game and boom, infinite ammo, or invisibility. Fortunately Ubisoft has responded to some of these issues stating that players are exploiting glitches, rather than actual hacks, but it seems to be a little more deep-rooted than that.

One reddit user, division_throwaway (a throwaway account to protect their identity and to stop Ubi from banning their username), posted a pretty big explanation (which has now been deleted) as to what’s going on as well as sharing some videos of the exploits in action. As you’d expect many have taken it upon themselves to use these exploits to essentially turn the beta into one huge hack-fest with many players having ammo that never depletes and incredibly fast speed, ruining the experience for those who want to play the game as its intended.

There are a few values which are kept server-side such as health and money, as well as the extraction countdown in the game’s Dark Zone, which does prevent users from hacking in infinite cash and life. Chances are though, by time launch rolls around in a month’s time, Massive, the developer behind the PC version of the game, will likely have some sort of anti-tamper or anti-cheat system in place, and that the reason for its omission in the beta was to likely prevent people getting banned due to bugs.

Fingers crossed, eh?

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