This weekend LG is to host their MWC event in which they’re set to unveil the LG G5. They’ve already revealed that fact, but are still keeping the device firmly under wraps, or at least they’re trying to, as a new rumour has surfaced to suggest that the LG G5 will have pretty unique feature…

We’ve heard for a while now that the LG G5 will have some sort of “magic slot” that’ll either contain the device’s battery, or be used to add a number of modules to the device to further expand its functionality. Although we’ve heard nothing on an official capacity, we’ve now heard from serial tipster Evan Blass, who has revealed via Twitter that the LG G5 will offer a number of “plug-in modules and bespoke accessories”.

Apparently, some of these modules will attack to the phone via the Magic Slot at the bottom of the device, while others will be completely independent. All of these will be controlled by a new app called LG Friends Manager. Of the modules, two have possibly been revealed ahead of time, one being a LG Cam Plus battery grip, offering an additional battery, shutter buttons, and a balancing grip. Another module is a digital audio chip called the LG Hi-Hi Plus, and will improve the sound quality of the device, and likely remove the need for an external speaker. The module will be made by high-end consumer electronics maker Bang and Olufsen.

As for the more bespoke side of things, LG has already unveiled a smart cover that’ll make use of the LG G5’s “always-on” display, as well as an LG 360 Cam according to Blass, which allows the user to create 360 degree spherical videos. There’s also mention of other devices like an LG 360 VR headset, and a speaker drone called Rolling Bot.

All of these G5 and Friends modules will be unveiled at LG’s MWC press event this weekend on February 21.

As always, I would recommend taking these rumours with a pinch of salt until Sunday.

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