What may come as no surprise for pretty much everyone, is that Ubisoft is planning an open beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division, at least, according to Xbox Italy’s official Facebook page.

According to Xbox Italy, on Febuary 16 – 21, players will be able to dive into the snowy world of The Division without the need for a code as an open beta is on the way. It makes sense that Ubisoft should open the flood gates as it’d give them enough time to prepare for when the game launches in March. They did something similar with Rainbow Six Siege, so why not The Division too?


Of course, as there’s no official announcement, plans could indeed change, but chances are Microsoft is pretty in the know about these things considering once again the Xbox One will have 24 hours of exclusivity.

The current beta test for The Division has been extended a couple of days until February 2, 2016, allowing players to get some final hands-on time, as well as a chance for more invites to be sent out.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, I’d refrain from uninstalling the beta just yet, y’know, just in case.

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