Time moves only when you move. This is the sentence that forms the gameplay foundations of SUPERHOT – an FPS in which time slows down when you’re stood still, but speeds up as you move about.

Once it’s familiarized you with this power SUPERHOT puts you in numerous situations, usually with a vague espionage-y framing device to give some context for the level – one tasks you with taking out an oncoming stream of armed neon human figures with only the words “THE DEAL IS OFF” to guide you, another says “YOU MISSED. THROW YOUR GUN.” and tasks you to stop your own execution and yet another sees you at one end of a corridor whilst a number of enemies shoot at you from the other. A blend of insanely cool maneuvering and on-the-spot strategy crafting ensues.


It’s a concept that’s rocketed the team behind the game (simply named Team SUPERHOT) into huge popularity – there’s nothing better than using your time-manipulating powers to silkily dodge and weave past a hail of oncoming bullets before giving your enemies a lethal punch for their trouble.

If you played the prototype or perhaps find that description intriguing you may be glad to hear that the full version of SUPERHOT will be releasing for PC, Mac and Linux on February 25th (with an Xbox One port releasing later in March), promising a host of new levels and a number of improvements over the prototype. You might say things will be getting SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT. Once the game finally drops.

Take a look at SUPERHOT’s latest teaser in the video above. The SUPERHOT Prototype can be played for free from here. The full game can be pre-ordered from here.

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