Phil Coulson and President Ellis in Agents of SHIELD

I always get giddy with excitement like a child on Christmas Day when there are speedsters involved. SHE WAS SO FAST. With a fantastic new Inhuman on the scene who may or may not be joining the Secret Warriors and a few vague answers on what happens now with the Hydra and their mystery Death-man, Agents of SHIELD came back in a big way.

Just because I need to get this out of my system now: Elena Rodriguez was great not only in her role as a renegade “hero of the people against los policías corruptos” but also as being a confident superpowered individual. Being that this is at least six months after the Terrigen-infused fish oil medication began making the rounds worldwide (love that Hunter tried to get on the superpower train) it makes sense for individuals like Elena to have slipped under SHIELD’s radar and learned how to hone their powers. And she was using them for good, too! The entire situation was a bit off, such as how Elena took Mack’s gun but never fired at him, or captured him at all. The police also having their own Inhuman, a Cyclops/Medusa kind of guy on their side helped even the playing field a bit, and knowing that he’s still on the loose is exciting. Though Elena might not be a Secret Warrior yet like her comic-book counterpart Slingshot, it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing Yo-Yo again.

Elena Rodriguez "Yo-Yo" in Agents of SHIELD.
Yeah, I get it. Having a Speedster around pretty much insta-resolves any conflict. Did you see her take down that room of goons in one go? Hot damn.

The rest of the episode was dedicated to Coulson’s quest to avenge Rosalind’s death, and figure out Hydra’s next move. Coulson meeting with President Ellis helped shed some new light on just how public SHIELD’s existence is now that we’re nearly two years past The Winter Soldier. At first it seemed odd that the President would ever meet up in a residential building like that, but the nature of the discussion worked well with the sketchy appearance of it. Plus, him making Talbot the new face of the ATCU is going to be amazing. Seeing them use TAHITI to dive into Werner’s memories was a nice use of that infernal machine as a throwback to the show’s awkward freshman season, but it also made good use of Lincoln’s skepticism in SHIELD as well as his abilities. It’s also just good to know in general that Werner managed to live through that torture, as we had no information to suggest otherwise until know. Though he seems to be a vegetable at the moment, I’m holding out hope that he can manage to break free and somehow manage to become a formidable adversary in his own right and manage to redeem the Strucker name for the sins the MCU has cast upon it. I’m still mad at Whedon for killing von Strucker ok?

Following the steps and making it to that phone call with Gideon on the other end was excellent for Coulson, as they played an interesting little game of “how much do you know?” with each other. Though SHIELD knew of the legend of the Inhuman on Maveth, they don’t know that it came home in the corpse of Grant Ward. The studio has confirmed that this Inhuman is a very loose adaptation of Hive from the comics, a creation of Hydrawho was a mass of parasitic creatures to form one being. This is obviously extremely distant from an eldritch creature stranded across the stars as foretold by legends as we see here, so the relationship appears connection is tenuous at best. It begs the question of why it needed to be an adaptation at all, or why it couldn’t have been one of the more cosmic threats that are so very prevalent in the comics. With not much to go off of from his brief appearances here, although they were unsettling to be sure, we’ll have to see how Hive shapes up as a threat.

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