Amy Gumenick as Carrie Cutter “Cupid” in Arrow “Broken Hearts”

Oh boy, Arrow. What are we going to do with you. Returning from hiatus after an excellent episode featuring a fully fledged superhero team up between Green Arrow and Vixen against the formidable odds of Damien Darkh that oh-so-unfortunately ended on a really lame note, decided to follow through almost completely on that note.

The relationship drama between Oliver and Felicity, initially just another CW romance plotline, seems to have enveloped this show whole, and it makes sense why. One character is the star of the show and the other was a fan favorite for several years, but at this point I’m not even sure who the creators think the star is. The fact that Felicity is staying present, and next week’s episode is going to be all but completely centered around her, means that we already know they’re either going to figure out their relationship issues or just awkwardly move on in the same way that Oliver and Laurel have. This makes any attempt to say that she’s gone for good null and void here, removing all impact of her departure.

Katie Cassidy and Paul Blackthorne in Arrow "Broken Hearts"
Some good old-fashioned courtroom drama is, oddly enough, a wonderful change of pace for the show.

Anyway what was good? The idea that Damien Darkh is apprehended and in custody, but declaring innocence and that all of these crimes are a mistake is a truly interesting angle to take this villain, and you get the idea that H.I.V.E.’s strings are so deep here that it doesn’t even matter that in the end he was found guilty. Considering Quentin Lance staked his entire career, reputation, and life on the line in using his testimony to aid in the conviction of Damien Darkh is a huge sacrifice that doesn’t seem to have been appreciated enough. This was the Lance family’s moment to shine; focusing on Laurel actually doing her job is something we haven’t seen since the start of the show. Since then all her material has been about her personal struggles and alcoholism, meanwhile we’ve seen Felicity working at Palmer Tech about a dozen times in this season alone. Do I sound a little salty?

Anything else? Eh not really. Oliver is just spending his time being cuckolded by a lie with someone who knows very well that he spends ALL of his time lying to the world and nearly everyone he knows, that’s kind of how superhero-ing works. The fact that this is being blown up to be a status quo shifting change for the show is in all honesty ridiculous. Having Cupid swoop in, for the perfect ironic timing, was just the icing on the cake. Yes, it was the smartest play to fake a wedding to bait her in; but why not Thea and some schmuk? She’s famous, she’s his little sister, that’d make the gossip blogs. It was just a cheap excuse to pit the lovebird-and-angrybird together in wedding attire for that money shot.

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