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With the home quickly becoming smarter, with thermostats that learn your habits, lights which can be switched on via our smartphones, and a whole series of Internet connected appliances, the one place the term “smart” has been missing, is the bedroom. But not any more thanks to Balluga, a brand new Kickstarter campaign for a smart bed that hopes to give you the best nights sleep ever.

So before we get into the nitty gritty, the Balluga is a brand new “smart bed” which hopes to improve your sleep in a number of ways. First, the mattress has its own dedicated climate controls completely independent to each side of the bed, so you’ll always be at the most optimum temperature as you kip.

In addition to that, thanks technology in the mattress and by monitoring your body’s vital statistics in real-time, the Balluga automatically adjusts the bed to best suit your sleep needs making a much better night’s sleep all around. And if that wasn’t enough, for those who snore, the bed will be able to adjust your body so that you stop snoring, making for a great night’s sleep for everyone.

Rather than being made of foam, latex, or springs, the Balluga has layers of self-maintaining air-filled cells which support your body, so the bed is fairly resistant from the usual wear you’d find from traditional mattress materials. This constant stream of air offers a dry and healthy sleep environment, in addition the non-absorbent, anti-allergen components can also be steam cleaned.

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All of these features, and more, are controlled by both users smartphones via the Balluga app. The app also tracks the users sleeping patterns allowing them to find out exactly the best settings for sleep.

Balluga founder, Joe Katan explains:

[su_quote style=”default”]We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, and I’m sure I’m not alone in understanding how a bad night’s sleep effecting our mood and productivity. I came up with the concept of the Balluga Bed seven years ago as I couldn’t find a mattress that solved my sleep needs. Now, through combining the most advanced air suspension system and a range of incredibly useful smart features, we can make the concept of the perfect sleep more than just a dream.


So, how do we get one of these mattresses? Balluga is available to back on Kickstarter in four sizes, as well as a mattress only option with Early Bird pledge levels start from $1199.



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