What would happen if G.I Joe lost to its superior in nearly every way enemy Cobra? How would Cobra cope with running the world? What would happen if someone decided you could actually inject some humour which is all cool and popular? Well, you’d get G.I Joe Deviations.

So comics publisher IDW is running a series called Deviations which borrows heavily from Marvels “What If?” series. Essentially it’s a series of issues which explores what could’ve happened if things went a little differently.

In the case of G.I Joe. What would happen if bad guys Cobra finally beat G.I Joe? Would the cartoonish bad guys be any good at running the world? How would G.I Joe cope being the rebels? Well..this is how it goes.

Cobra Commander, the crazy cartoon bad guy, has been marginalised in the new Cobra government. His henchmen are much better at running the world, which by the way, seems to be doing pretty well as a dictatorship. If you think that’s an odd thing to say you’ll just have to remember, this almost feels like a parody of G.I Joe. Silly jokes and funny little quirks added to characters that have been taken seriously for a long time.

GI Joe Deviation

The indie Scott Pilgrim like the art of Corey Lewis supports that idea and does help to install the intended tone. Plus, the new design of Snake Eyes is pretty cool, the mash-up of civilian clothes and his standard ninja gear is quite something.

So, Cobra Commander and Major Bludd, who are fed up with the trains running on time and seeing their colleagues settle down and make babies enlist the remnants of G.I Joe to help create some chaos and cure their boredom.

They sure do that. I won’t spoil the ending, because the ending is sort of the point to these kind of stories, but this is where the humour breaks down and starts to put sell by dates on the jokes as it resorts to pop culture references that feel like the ‘funny’ guy you know making really bad puns or borrowing a more popular joke.

Overall, yeah this is kind of worth a buy. It’s funny in most places and it’s interesting when someone knocks together a think piece on G.I Joe. And to end on a joke that never gets tired: knowing is half the battle.

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