Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle “The Punisher” In Daredevil “Seven Minutes in Heaven”

After the big reveal of Wilson Fisk back to pulling strings behind the scenes, it was a smart decision to deliver us his perspective; his view of the past year behind bars. Not only was it fantastic to see such a great villain make a return trip and take the spotlight, as the war between Daredevil and The Hand took a backseat for the time being.

Considering the season premiere picked up in real time nearly a year after the arrest of Wilson Fisk, it was fantastic to jump back to that moment right after the finale. Watching his new cufflinks drop into the bin, and then staring at the white wall of his cell gave me chills. Using his finances to assemble his motley crew and slowly take control was effective in proving that he has a natural talent for amassing followers. They also very cleverly resolved one of my main criticisms with the first season: that the Kingpin never even had a name drop. Naturally with the show starting out as more grounded before slowly evolving to be more comic book-y as Arrow did, it fits. Having Dutton clarify that he’s “the Kingpin of this bitch” pretty much guaranteed that he would be dead within the hour, and as we saw at the end, that Fisk has taken a liking to this title.

Pitting Frank up against his rival Dutton led to another jaw-dropping fight scene. What could have been just another hallway fight scene was subverted due to the fact that this was the goddamn PUNISHER. When that goon came at him with a stick before having it turned around and thrust through and out of his bloody chest is something very different than the usual fights on display in Daredevil. In one of the most effective adaptations of a comic character, it becomes 100% evident that Frank Castle is a force of nature. Fisk recognizing this led to an interesting and uneasy agreement. Going on his crusade and killing the scum of New York helps the Kingpin gain a hold of the city. It’s in Fisk’s best interest for Frank to continue punishing, and this made for as good an opportunity as any to let Frank loose and back on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. And I’m so excited to see where he goes next.

Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page in Daredevil "Seven Minutes in Heaven"
Matt asked Karen if she ever considered law school, but perhaps journalism is more up her alley?

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, Matt Murdock is supposed to be the star of this show. Recognizing that he has done more harm than good to his beloved friend, it fits for Matt to push Foggy away in pursuit of his Daredevil-ry instead. While this likely won’t be permanent and the two of them will need to resolve their differences somehow, it led to Foggy advising Karen to look for life outside of the office. Seeing her take the chair of Ben Urich’s office at the end makes me genuinely wonder when Ellison is going to just put Karen on payroll considering how much work she does for The Daily Bulletin. This could be a great change of the status quo and the dynamic of the cast.

Using the accountant from that espionage encounter as a lead, Daredevil found his way into who even knows what in The Hand’s base. Sapping blood from innocents toward some encasement is fantastically mystical, and hearing Nobu speak of there being “no such thing” as death lends credence toward what exactly the grand plan is here. That pit Daredevil and Elektra found would imply that this is a special location, and talk of how there will be “more than one devil” to walk amongst men is foreboding if nothing else. The blood of the innocents is either being used to revive agents of The Hand, or to aid in reviving something far more powerful, something far more evil.

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