Heat Wave in “Marooned”

With a fellow Time Master in distress and no more leads on Vandal Savage, Rip Hunter and his team of Legends deal with brigands, pirates, and mutiny aboard their own ship.

This was a classic case of two ships at sea, and the crew split in half. It was a great change of pace from spending so much time in the past, though with how much time is spent on the Waverider in this show, having the whole episode split between two seemingly identical spaceships did get a bit tiresome. Still salty about not being left in gangster paradise in 2046, the tension between Snart and Mick heated up here, as the two Rogues have found more differences of opinion lately than common ground. The relationship between the two of them was one of the most compelling elements at play here, as Snart’s fond recollection of Mick saving his life in juvie, and Rip declaring that the two of them were a “packaged deal” seemed to imply that the two Rogue’s truly need each other. The yin to the yang, the heat to the cold. Mick’s unstable nature seemed to burn too hot here, and he became more than just a liability.

In an homage to Arrow, this episode also had quite frequent flashback sequences showing Rip in his Time Master training, and a triste between him and Miranda, his eventual wife and fellow trainee, that would put both of their careers at stake. Though we saw them stupidly having a passionate makeout session (directly in view of their superiors no less! In an institution that strictly forbids romance too, why would you even dare do that there?! Damn exhibitionists) there was very little to imply they had any meaningful romantic connection, aside from Miranda telling us that they are truly in love. This is a lazy way of telling the audience everything we need to know about their relationship, rather than showing us, and it gave this bit of backstory very little payoff.

Leonard Snart and Sara Lance in Legends of Tomorrow.
Snart and Mick’s comradrie has been thoroughly put to the test in the past few weeks, and is thoroughly fractured. Was there really any hope for the two of them?

With two strong emotional pillars grounding this installment, the majority of the Legends had surprisingly little going for them. Sara beat some people and bonded a bit with Snart. Ray and Kendra continued their forced romance, though they definitely had more chemistry here than in the past. It makes a bit more sense that Kendra would like Ray at all, considering his dorkish nature is akin to Cisco. Stein’s childhood fascination with space travel and wanting to be a galactic wayfarer was cute, and Jax contributed nothing more than a Star Wars joke. After saving them from the brig, why didn’t Stein give Rip that big ass gun and go full Firestorm on the space pirates? Certainly seems like a more simple explanation than throwing all of them out of the air lock.

Similar to how he took control of the band of hoodlums in Star City, Mick aligned with the pirates here and went to take control of the Waverider with them to go back home, fully betraying the team of Legends. Seeing him go full-on villain and fire on his compatriots was a fittingly wrenching payoff, and the fight between him and Sara was fantastic, as were all of the fight scenes closing out this episode. In the end, the choice on what to do with Mick came down to Snart. They laid out perfectly why they can’t just drop him off at home; he is not just a Rogue, he is a true villain. Their families are in 2016, and they know him well enough to know he’ll chase after vengeance. The closing scene between the two former Rogues was bittersweet in many ways, as you were left to question how it would end, even though the result was clear from the start. I truly hope this isn’t a bait and switch, and that Snart actually shot him rather than shooting AT him or something dumb. More than Carter’s death in the second episode, we need to know that any member of the cast is vulnerable here, no one has plot armor. The stakes are very real, which is an exciting prospect in a short series like this.

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