Leonard Snart and Martin Stein in Legends of Tomorrow

Not going to lie, I had to double check and make sure I wasn’t watching Supernatural based off the first minute or two. In order to regain the advantage of surprise on Vandal Savage, Rip and his team of Legends travels further back in time to 1958, where they find the immortal madman living a peaceful life as a doctor at a psych ward. Oh, and experimenting on punks in the town and turning them into alien vampires. Can’t forget that.

Like every arrival in a new setting, much time was spent in soaking in this new world that was the late 50’s. The very conservative, right-wing, narrow-minded 50’s. Where racist people lived and gay meant happy. And which they needed to remind us of, every five minutes. Given the diversity of the show’s cast and their frequent forays throughout time, it made perfect sense for them to cover these issues, though it was in an extremely heavy-handed manner. Jax having to deal with the high school punks was likely the most accurate representation here, and he went in with the perfect attitude. Stein had a point when it came to Sara ‘liberating’ the nurse at the hospital: what happens to her now? Sure, she can be more comfortable with herself, but now she has to hide her true preferences even more because it’s highly unlikely another time-traveling lesbian will arrive at her door. Damn, that was a cool sentence.

Jefferson Jackson in Legends of Tomorrow
I guess these close-minded folks don’t take kindly to people dipping fries in their milkshakes. They just don’t understand, man.

All that aside, everyone seemed to just kind of forget about killing Savage. The instant Kendra and Ray found him, what was everyone else even doing? Why did Jax need to go on that date? Why were Sara and Stein just chilling at the hospital? The instant Ray went mini and stole out of Savage’s house with the dagger they should have gone straight for him. “A full assault on Savage will only play to his strengths” my ass. Have Firestorm blast him a couple times and then stab him in the heart when he’s down, badaboom. Show’s over guys. Yes, I understand the concept that they won’t defeat the bad guy yet, but they could at least make a competent effort to assault him like they have in the past rather than whatever happened here.

Oh yeah, there were space vampires too. So Vandal Savage came here in the first place because he wanted to run experiments on this meteorite, and this meteorite also happened to make vampires. The idea that he would be drawn to other meteorites makes perfect sense considering his origin, but how long has he just been in this town for? Everyone seems to know him like he’s been around forever, yet these kids only went missing several weeks ago. This was a minor incongruence but it made the whole situation feel off.

The showdown with Captain Cold versus the vampires was pretty cool, though there were problems there as well. Jax afterward thanks Cold for not icing him when he had the chance to, but apparently every one of the vampires was cured by Gideon, which means that all of the vampires that Cold blasted were fine; no one died. He thanked him specifically for not killing him as if he’d killed any of the other monsters, which can’t have been. I get it; he was using it as a way of apologizing for giving Cold such a hard time since Heat Wave’s departure, but it just didn’t track too well. With half the team now hurtling through time and the rest being ditched in the 50’s, it seems we’re not completely done with Pleasant Hill, and maybe the second part of this adventure will be a much needed improvement.

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