Star City 2046

Taking full advantage of its time-traveling capabilities and the years of world building put into The CW’s DC universe, Legends of Tomorrow brought us to a dystopian version of Star City 30 years into the future. A world where the Green Arrow is dead and Deathtroke has come back with a vengeance to tear the city to pieces and throw it into complete chaos.

So far into Legends, the show has primarily explored new locales to avoid touching on too much of the same ground as its sibling shows, and it’s worked well. The caveat of this being that it hasn’t been able to capitalize on too much of the pre-established lore for this world aside from the individual characters and their histories. We got this in spades, in an episode that was purposefully and thematically laid out like a grand episode of Arrow. Interestingly enough, the destruction of Star City wasn’t due to the rise of Vandal Savage at all, but instead the revenge of Grant Wilson, the son of Oliver’s old nemesis Deathstroke. In the comics Grant takes the helm of Ravager, whereas here he keeps his father’s villainous name in a fun new way to adapt more comic book lore.

With the entire government on the run or dead due to Deathstroke’s assault, the city has become a Mad Max-esque paradise for biker gangs and criminal enterprises. Mick Rory finds himself at home with everything he’s ever wanted, the chaos he’s always craved. As the raging fire to Snart’s controlled cold, a rift is formed between the two bandits about their allegiance to Rip and his Legends. Rory makes a good, if a bit comical, point. They could have everything they ever wanted here, if they wanted the best deal for themselves then there it is. But Snart isn’t so sure that’s what he wants anymore. He has always managed to be the most interesting member of the ensemble cast, between trying to give his family a better future or stopping Sarah from killing Stein, it’s unclear what his motivations are for a lot of his actions, but they aren’t selfish. He truly does want to save the world; but why?

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Even with less of a presence than usual, Captain Cold still manages to capture the spotlight.


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