The Division screen

A mere 24 hours after launch Ubisoft is already shouting from the rooftops about its latest release, Tom Clancy’s The Division, the biggest departure from the studios long-running Tom Clancy series yet, and it’s for good reason too.

According to the publisher, who announced the news in a blog post late last night, The Division has sold more copies in 24 hours than any other game in the studio’s history.

Ubisoft has had quite a bit of success as of late and has now scored itself a total of three of the top four most successful new game brand launches in the history of gaming, all of which sit comfortably behind Activision and Bungie’s shooter RPG, Destiny.

In 2014 Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs had outsold any Ubisoft game ever in 24 hours, which has now of course been beaten by The Division, the other title in that trio is of course the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Ubisoft is yet to disclose how many copies The Division has sold so far.

Our review of The Division is in progress, but having received our copy at launch, we’re looking to gain a few more hours of experience in the game to sufficiently review both the campaign and of course the Dark Zone multiplayer mode.

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