DOOM was one of the many first person shooters which redefined not only first person shooters, but also the multiplayer deathmatch, so naturally we’re all pretty pumped to dive into Bethesda’s upcoming hell-fuelled shooter for some good old gore filled FPS multilayer action. So to keep that hype train a-chuggin, here’s a brand new trailer for the multiplayer mode.

Holy fucking shit is this trailer good. As you’d expect there’s fast paced shooting action, but then the demon room comes into play, and oh boy, there looks to be nothing more fun than literally tearing your enemy apart.

Fortunately for some, that might come sooner than later as Bethesda has unveiled details on when the closed beta for the game will run.

The Closed Beta will run from March 31 – April 3 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and will be available to those that pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order and redeemed their Beta code. You can find more information over on the beta website.

Interestingly on the FAQ section of the beta code redemption, there is a question as to whether there’ll be an open beta, to which the reply is:

Timing and availability of future beta programs for DOOM is to be determined by Bethesda in its discretion. The only current way to ensure an invitation is through pre-ordering Wolfenstein: The New Order. We will be providing more information on additional beta tests, if any, at a later time.

That’s hopeful, right? Please? Bethesda pls.

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