Allison Paige as Eliza Harmon “Trajectory” in The Flash

Coming back from hiatus in a big way, The Flash dealt with the ramifications of learning Zoom’s true identity while also fighting to stop a new speedster. What could have just been another “Rogue of the week” installment actually brought with it some interesting developments for the STAR Labs crew.

Kicking things off with Barry in full training mode, trying to learn how to either jump across extreme distances or run across air? I’m still not 100% sure which of the two was going on there, but it’s great to see that he’s been putting so much effort into improving his speed. Seeing him backpedal and debate on using Velocity 9 to go even further was not so great. You’d think seeing a villain take off and start going crazy, especially once it became clear that Trajectory had some definite mental problems should have been a pretty clear “drugs are bad” situation for Barry, but it wasn’t so simple here.

Given that she’s still new to this Earth, Jesse being right on the forefront here creates a great opportunity for us to get to know her better. Having the team go out and blow off some steam at the club (before y’know, supervillain, as is wont to happen) made good use of the cast’s synergy together. Barry and Iris, Caitlin and Cisco, but then there was Jessie and Wally, who both seemed to stand out. Both being new additions to this cast and this city, the dynamic between them seemed to give airs of romance, which would be odd considering her departure to Opal City. Having to deal with the obsessive protection of her father (and later directly addressing his intense nature) with the metahuman detector on her wrist going off constantly seemed like awkwardness for awkwardness sake, but it raises some questions. Considering he knew Barry and Cisco were metas, of course it would go off constantly, unless it was configured to ignore those two. Therein lies the reason Jesse was paired up with Wally; perhaps he’s already a metahuman? It’s a possibility.

Tom Cavanagh and Violett Beane as Earth-2's Harrison and Jesse Wells in The Flash "Trajectory"
“To be fair, in that recording I only said I WOULD kill for you. Not that I did. I don’t see why that’s such a horrifying thought.”

Trajectory made for a fun little villain, her quirky schizophrenia had a light-hearted approach to an actual terrifying circumstance and mental condition. That her powers were a direct result of a drug addiction cemented this allegory, and was further evidence of why exactly Barry should stick to his guns. His frustration in being second fastest to Zoom, and now third fastest because of this drug, was understandable. As Harry said, there’s a reason The Flash is a hero, and why Iris’ new editor sought to prove that he wasn’t. The idea of someone with more power than our us means they don’t have to play by our rules. They can ignore them wholesale and abide by their own moral code.

Shame we won’t see Trajectory again, as after The Flash managed to save the citizens and, y’know, prove he’s not the bad speedster around here, she kind of disintegrated. Which was really badass looking, but a bit unfortunate. The blue lightning coming off of her near the end being an effect of the Velocity 9 led to the STAR Labs team using their brains and thinking about things. This supports my idea that Zoom is just Jay from the future, and needs to siphon speed from other speedsters to recover from his addiction. If it weren’t for the fact that there was a statue of Jay Garrick’s Flash in Earth-2, I would be inclined to say there never WAS a Flash on that Earth, that Jay was Zoom this whole time and made these stories up. That would be an interesting spin and would explain the fan theory that it’s Earth-2’s Eobard Thawne in the metal mask. As it stands now? There’s not much to go off of, but now that the team knows where to start looking, things are sure to be picking up.

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