Boot up Battle.net, one of the most anticipated patches for Hearthstone is here! Finally Blizzard has given into the community and added something they have been asking for: more deck slots!

With the upcoming expansion and the addition of separate “Wild” and “Standard” formats Blizzard has given Hearthstone players more breathing room; the number of deck slots has  9 to 18. This means no more having to delete those precious decks, which you spent months perfecting, when half the cards in them will no longer work in standard.

Along with this massive change we get some tweaks to the UI and collection manager such as allowing you to search new term to sort cards. This all seems like it is laying ground work for the “Whispers of the Old Gods” expansion to make it easy to sort the now massive list of cards.

You will also soon be able to pre-purchase the expansion to receive 50 packs when the it finally launches late April/Early May. As well as the packs you also get a tentacular card-back to show that you pre-purchased. On top of that there is also going to be another alternate hero skin, this time for the Paladin. Lady Liadrin will be available soon via a cross promotion with World of Warcraft by leveling up a character to level 20.

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