Hello again Hearthstoners, we’re back again to look at more of the cards from the upcoming expansion “Whispers of the Old Gods”!

So if you missed it last week take a look here. Hold onto your tentacles and lets have a look.

Klaxxi Amber-Weaver


Here’s one of the Druid class cards and another which seems to revolving around the mechanic of buffing C’thun. This card could be most compared to Chillwind Yeti which has always been seen a good vanilla card but this one has the potential to be a 4/10. This makes it a nice solid pick for Druid constructed C’thun decks. However like the other C’thun cards this won’t be available in Arena due to the chances of C’thun showing up being rather low making it not viable to play these cards there. This info comes from Hearthhead reporting on an event they were invited to where lead designer Ben Brode said “…you just don’t see him in the Arena often. So C’thun and all the cards related to him actually aren’t in the Arena.”

Ancient Shieldbearer


Now for Warrior’s C’thun card, this one is looking to be a replacement for the old GvG card: Shieldmaiden. Shieldmaiden has been a very good value card with the 5 armour she gives you being great for Control Warrior. With GvG going away this could be the replacement for the Maiden but will a C’thun control deck be worth running? Or do the minions that are required to buff it not worth running?

C’Thun’s Chosen

C'thun's Chosen

This card seems pretty good on the face of it. 4 attack is great for trading as it is but now with a Divine Shield on top of that, even better! The fact that this also buffs C’thun is just icing on the cake. This could potentially see use outside of a C’thun desk with a setup like this.

Forbidden Flame


The first of a trend of cards, where you spend all your mana and the effect of the card changes based on the cost. This first one is a mage spell, this is quite a simple little card but it could become very useful. As it can be played at any time it can be used to trigger “on spell cast” effects such a Flamewaker and Mana Wyrm. It also just plays well for when you just need to do two more damage where you are not able to use your hero power.

Forbidden Shaping


A card that really fits Priest’s theme of stealing stuff from other classes. This could be a really great card, as long you play it on the right mana value. Just make sure you have a good idea of what each mana value can produce and you should be fine.

Forbidden Healing


Another card where you spend all your mana, the final one here being for Paladin. This card is quite rediculous in certain situations, a 10 mana 20 HP heal. This could be a card showing that Blizzard is trying to make a viable Control Paladin deck and with this and Reno Jackson the healing front for Paladin is looking good. Another scary thought with this card is if a Priest gets their hands on it with Auchenai Soulpriest on the board, a 20 damage spell is quite ridiculous!

Herald Volazj


Our final card to look at for now, the expansions Priest legendary. This card seems like it could be good but even in a best case scenario it seems like it might be a little too slow. The problem with it is that there truly aren’t too many cards that will be worth copying in standard and so we end up with a situation where this isn’t much better than a Faceless manipulator. This one has some possible potential but the way things look this might not be too viable.

Due to the high volume of cards that Blizzard is pumping out to various Twitch streamers and media outlets the next round-up might be soon than next week so keep your eyes peeled. Let us know what your thoughts are on these cards because who knows, we could be totally wrong!

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