Woah, it looks like Microsoft is pulling out all of the stops for April’s Games with Gold offering. As usual Xbox One players have a total of four games to choose from thanks to Backwards compatibility, but you may be too preoccupied with one particular title this month.

So coming to Xbox 360 players this month, on April 1 you’ll be able to grab Dead Space, a nice introduction to the series, and then on April 16 you’ll be able to grab yourself Saints Row IV. Remember Xbox One players can also grab these two titles, and now thanks to an update, you can get then right from the store.

Specifically for Xbox One, this month’s offering is a corker. Not only do we get the first season of The Wolf Among Us from April 1 throughout, on April 16 you’ll be able to get none other than Sunset Overdrive! I know, right?

If you’ve yet to have the chance to jump, dive, splat, and explode some energy drink infused mutants, then now is your chance.

April 1 is just around the corner, so if you’re yet to grab last month’s games, then you only have a few days to do so.

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