While many of us have likely already done all we can in Hitman’s three main missions, Io Interactive hoped to keep us hooked with more challenges, one of which is a permanently failable, “Elusive Target” mission. Unfortunately however, those missions have been delayed.

Aside from the game’s main contracts, Hitman is set to not only have player-made challenges and Escalation Contracts, it’s also set to offer “Elusive Target” missions where players have one chance to take down the fairly difficult target, and one chance only. If they fail, that’s it.

Io Interactive have revealed however that these Elusve Targets have been delayed and won’t be launching until nearer the launch of the second location, due in April. This has of course left players will little else to do outside of the game’s main challenges, fortunately Io have added a number of new Escalation Contracts.

These contracts, when replayed, get more and more difficult, offering an increasing challenge with every playthrough, providing you can complete the first challenge.

These two escalations are: The Osterman Mosaic and The Gemini Fiasco, the former of which gives the player a number of objectives and a fairly obvious weapon to take down the target: a sabre; the latter has players once again take down Helmut Kruger, but this time there are some complications so the player is forced to take a different angle with the target.


What’s more, over the coming weeks we’ll see the addition of The Vampire Magician Challenge Pack, bringing back everyone’s favourite disguise back to the game. This pack will drop for all three platforms with a game update, which will also fix a variety of things in the game.

So despite one of the main parts of the game being delayed, there’s still enough content to keep people glued to the game, Io hope.

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