In the market of cell phone accessories, there’s a very large chasm of third party charging cables – some really good, some really, really bad. However, one company is trying to stick out from the crowd, by making a single common connector charging & data transfer cable for lightning and micro USB powered devices.

The LMcable started as a Kickstarter on February 22nd, and has already smashed through 300% of it’s funding goal. It’s an ambitious take on the frustration of needing to carry multiple cables if you’re a tech power user, or just have a lot of battery powered crap on your desk.

The Kickstarter page claims the LMcable will “support both fast data transfer and 2.4 A fast charging,” as well as have “tin-plated copper wires with 10 times more durable than the regular wires.”

It seems to be simply a trimmed down version of a micro USB on one side, and lightning cable on the other. In most of the videos it seems to work rather flawlessly, and has a stylish appearance. The Verge also reports the creators will not be seeking Apple certification for the product.

If you want to check out the LMcable for yourself, head here.

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