Nintendo’s first official Smartphone app has seen a great launch in Japan earlier this month after climbing the App Store charts and was expected be seen in the rest of the world in March as well. But that ship might have sailed now with the removal of any mentions of the original March release from the website.

Nintendo Inquirer reported on this change by posting screencaps from before and after this change. So it seems that for the rest of us who are waiting for the official release (rather than just cheekily downloading the Japanese version) might have look towards April to get our Mii socializing done.

This potential delay may be due to the massive user-base that the app gathered in its first launch, so they might be cautious for this wider release as it may create problems with a massive influx of new users.

There has yet to be any official confirmation from Nintendo themselves so we still have to wait to confirm if this is an actual delay or just a strange website change.

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